The exact same story as my first Son of the Pheonix except fixed up and made... well, better. Hope you enjoy!

Drakmor awoke to the familiar darkness of his bed. Well, bed was not the best description of the five inch thick steel sarcophagus that he was bound in. He sighed. This was bad. The Creators had been reading his mind again and put him here while he had been sleeping. Of course they would, though. For the last few weeks, since his last attempt, he had been planning for tonight. 

You see, tonight was the night Drakmore escaped the facility to the Surface!

Drakmor tried moving around. His arms and legs seemed free of shackles, so it wasn't too bad, but there was little room to actually use so they might as well have done it. Oh well. Maybe he could bend his arm? Drakmor tried, and found that he had just enough room to bend his arm to where it was perpendicular to the metal surface of his entombment. Perfect! He bent the right arm. His fake one. 

And then he surged his own blood.

It was a weird process, always making Drakmor feel slightly light-headed and even tired after he stopped, but one he had gotten used to. Out of all the people in the facility, Creators included, Drakmor was the only one who could do this. Well, right now it was his advantage. Surging made Drakmor stronger. The more he surged, the stronger he became. 

Tentatively, Drakmor pushed on the steel of his prison. It took a while before the metal actually bent, but it did. Drakmor almost cheered when it started to crack around the edges of the top. Light even popped in the cracks, if just a little. It was only thanks to him surging his blood that he saw it, probably. Such a great ability. Too bad it made his skin and blood silver, as well as his hair. Monotone colors were boring. Well, back to the matter at hand!

The top of the sarcophagus started to creak. It was getting closer! Soon, Drakmor could be on his way! He could see the true sky and not that fake one the facility park imitated. He could feel the real grass up there and see some of these 'oceans' maybe. They were said to be only four, but each vast enough to not be able to even see a whole one with the naked eye. Drakmor had, of course, only gotten this from slips of the tongues and body language from the guards and Creators, but that was enough. Not knowing only made him more curious.

With a final loud creak, Drakmor felt his arm shoot forward along with the top of the steel prison and land on the floor of a nearly empty room. Well, it wasn't really that empty compared to other rooms, but Drakmor was used to his own room with it's multitude of odds and ends on the walls. This room only contained his now-broken sarcophogus and a computer hooked up to-

"Dang it!" Drakmor yelled as the alarm started going off. Well, they WERE the Creators. Drakmor didn't really expect them to let him go so easily.

He turned to the door and ran at it, surging his blood once more. He needed to hurry and escape. His movements hastened and Drakmor felt like a speeding Mover as he ran toward the door. Sadly, however, this door was made even tougher than his prison. Drakmor clenched his ears as the door gave off a loud screech, even busting the computer screen Curses! Drakmor looked to his right arm, it's metallic coat telling him how stupid he was for using his prosthetic arm to knock it down. 

Drakmor walked back, trying to ignore the ringing that still went through his ears, and prepared to smash into the door again. This time he used his real arm and surged his body twice as much. He was going to be dizzy in a few hours when all the surging caught up, but he didn't care. He could be dizzy on the surface!

The charge started, and Drakmor crashed into the door once more. Thankfully, it gave way and Drakmor was sent flying to the wall on the opposite side of the hallway with the large door, sending out another loud ring. It took a moment, but Drakmor  managed to stand. With all the ringing going on, he was in pain. His ears were even bleeding. Fight it! He had to make it through this ordeal! 

Shakily, Drakmor made it to his feet. Alright, there were fifteen sets of stairs he had to find. He knew of thirteen, but the other two were a mystery. With what Valeria said, the Creators would be more active on the highest two levels, so he would have to watch out. Of course, when she said it, it was really her way of discouraging him.

"Sorry, Val," Drakmor said as he started running through the hallways on his way to the first set of stairs, "But I have to see the Surface!" With that, he found the first set. It was only around one corner, like Drakmor knew. Past attempts had taught him the location of all but the last two. Those two... Well, he only needed to get there!

The End

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