Somnophilia // Claire & MohinderMature

His lips on her neck, however brief, began a quick tremor down her spine, ending in her arching into him. Her neck was quite possibly her favorite weak spot, but Mohinder had a certain talent for exploiting it. It could have more to do with their level of connection than the actual touch, but whatever the reason, Claire found herself melting at his massage. Not what she had anticipated, but she didn’t have a single complaint. Those hands of his knew exactly where to wander to make her squirm in the most delightful ways; her eyes had closed almost instantly as she enjoyed his ministrations. Her body moved of its own accord, shifting ever so slightly as fingers roamed, kneaded, and slipped their way towards earning her surrender. 

By the time he’d reached the lower half of her body, Claire’s own hands were wrapped up in the blanket, gripping it like a lifeline. Heated breath brought a sheen of sweat to her face, half buried in her pillow. She was extremely aware of each little twitch of his member against her back, most of which elicited a squirm or quick inhalation of breath.

Had she not already been worked up when Mohinder began his little massage, Claire likely would’ve required a bit more convincing. As it was, she was practically whimpering with the need to have him inside her. Daring fingers thankfully working around her more sensitive areas, she let out a string of incomprehensible French, made husky by his cock at her lips.

The whole thing couldn’t have lasted longer than 8 minutes, but Mohinder had risen to the challenge, quite literally. Instead of responding verbally, Claire shot him a look through dark lashes, dripping with desire, and moved just enough to close that gap between them and envelope all of him in all of her. She let out a low moan at their joining, moving against him insistently just to be sure he was fully inside. Claire loved nothing better than that moment of connection…except, perhaps, the moment of release. But that was an enjoyable journey away yet, and as she shifted for a slightly better angle, she couldn’t help but smirk.

The End

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