Somnophilia // Claire & MohinderMature

Every single time felt like the first time with Claire, as she always seemed to surprise him. Tonight was no exception.

At her playful salute and tug, Mohinder let out a half gasp, half moan as he watched her carefully, readying himself for whatever she was about to do next. A wide grin was given at the little strip show, but then blushing as he squirmed to help her undress him. Sure, they saw each other naked every day, but right now, Claire’s eyes glinted with a predatory nature which caused Mohinder to swallow hard. He wasn’t scared; quite the opposite as the rest of his body proved.

As her body covered him in warmth, arms wrapped around her to rub and massage along her back and shoulder blades, pausing when the meaning of her next words dawned on him. “Oh gods…” he whispered to himself as his mind raced and hardness twitched beneath her in anticipation. Oh he had no idea what to do exactly, but had no trouble thinking up all sorts of scenarios she might like. Picking the right one was crucial at this moment.

After enjoying her fingers combing through his hair for a moment, he finally decided on a plan of action - something simple, yet hopefully effective. With his enhanced strength, he gently picked her up and lied her down on her stomach, pausing to give her neck a kiss. Then, without anything on except a smile, he straddled her back and began massaging, beginning from her shoulders downward. Even though he added in some upbeat humming, this wasn’t any innocent massage. Along the way Mohinder made absolutely sure she could feel how much he wanted her. The warmth of his cock at her back was a contrast to the cool air in the room. And as his hands moved lower, so did everything else until eventually he was slowly and deliberately teasing at her entrance with his swollen tip.

Hands finally kneaded gently at her ass before he finally spoke. “Enjoying the massage, my love?” She could probably hear the smirk in his tone.

The End

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