Somnophilia // Claire & MohinderMature

She could sense the unsure tension in him as she laughed, but she had no such illusion it was going to end things. As soon as he realized that too, the tension was gone and she could feel him relax. Well, parts of him anyway. His cock throbbed against her hand as he returned her kisses, even daring to bite back. “That’s the spirit,” she breathed, making a playful little noise of excitement as he attempted to remove her panties. Talented fingers made her squirm yet again as they slipped under the lace, and she found herself biting her own lip this time. At his ordering of their removal, Claire gave his cock a final firm tug and saluted him with her other hand.

Oui, mon amour,” she said, rolling off him to shimmy the little lacy number off her legs and throw them onto the floor. They could be found later, if she really needed them. Now completely naked, she rolled back over, but not on top of him again, hands going to his boxers instead. “Only fair,” she said with a shrug and mischievous smile, tugging the last bit of clothing between them off and tossing them aside as well. Every inch of him was laid out before her; she almost didn’t know where to start. 

She stretched her frame out over him again, slowly lowering herself on top of him until there was no space between them any longer. Though not yet inside her, Claire could feel the heat spreading steadily from every part of Mohinder, a heat she gladly embraced as her fingers got lost in his hair once more. “Make me want it,” she whispered into his ear before nibbling at his ear lobe. “Make me crave it until I have to give in.” It was an order of sorts, Claire exercising that dominance that did so much for him, but there was a need there too. She had a feeling it wouldn’t take much…

The End

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