Somnophilia // Claire & MohinderMature

No sooner had the compliments left his mouth before she paused. Uh oh. Mohinder continued to hold her tight as he waited for her reaction. Perhaps he should have saidlaboratory instead of chai? Either way, he loved her more than both of those combined. Then there was laughter. Laughter in the bedroom. Double uh oh. But then a few soft, reassuring kisses later and all seemed alright based on her tone of voice. Releasing the breathe he’d been holding, he allowed a laugh of relief to escape as well. “Thank you, love.”

They were still in the part of the relationship where he was learning her likes in the bedroom and trying to put up his best performance. Thank the gods for his ability; the added stamina was a tremendous confidence boost, causing him not to have to worry about that particular part of the play. Not to mention, he could easily give her a second andthird act… but that was his secret for the moment.

And apparently Claire had a few secrets of her own that she intended to share with him. Brows jumped and eyes widened at her ominous words. The tone she spoke in caused blood flow to speed up even further and his skin prickled in anticipation of whatever she had planned for him. Although his mouth opened to reply, no sound could be heard. It appeared her mission was accomplished already. Fingers dug into her flesh as he braced himself for the unknown.

The warmth of her fingers wrapped around him indeed caused the desired effect. That, combined with how she was pinning him down with her weight caused him to begin losing all sense of propriety as his hips rolled and hardening length fucked her firm grip on him. “Mmm…” he hummed into the kiss, giving just as much enthusiasm as she was. The lip biting was new, and caused another shiver of excitement to rush through him, which she could probably feel with the hand stroking him.

With her lips on his, his tongue went exploring, wanting to taste every inch of her. Inside and out, she was delicious, and all his. This time it was his turn to nibble on her lip as his hands worked desperately to remove her one piece of lingerie. “These… off… now,” he managed to mumble between liplocks. At the moment, the article of clothing might as well have been a chastity belt with how they were situated and how he did not want to remove his lips from hers. For now, all he could do was slither his fingers underneath the lace and fondle her, tickling along her rear with one hand while the other went to gently circle her clit in a teasing manner.

The End

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