Somnophilia // Claire & MohinderMature

His hand on her ass elicited an excited little noise of surprise from her; his hand at her breast mellowed that to a low moan. Even as she enjoyed Mohinder’s attention, she couldn’t help noticing how excited he was. She couldn’t feel everyvein in his cock yet, but she was looking forward to the experience. So far, he’d yet to be anything other than delicious. He even seemed to like the fact that she was domineering, though they both knew he was stronger than her now. Claire had suspected he’d be something of a submissive from day one, but even old dogs could learn new tricks. There was time to explore how much he liked being dominant as well, as they grew more comfortable with each other.

She was enjoying his dirty talk, however unpracticed he was…and then he said something else entirely. Claire knew what he meant, understood the sentiment as she knew how much he loved his chai. A small part of her even leapt at the magnitude of the compliment. But that part was overwhelmed by the simple unusual nature of his words, and she stopped completely, fighting and failing the urge to laugh.

“Oh…oh sweet heavens, Mohinder, darling…” she said, pressing her lips together to hold back a laugh. It escaped its cage, however, and she chuckled into his skin as she leaned down to pepper his face with mirthful kisses. “You are simply too much sometimes.” The poor, sweet man had much to learn yet, and she was a willing teacher.

Recovered from her laughter, she wiped at the corners of her eyes and stared down at him, smile and voice turning seductively dark. “What I’m going to do with you will render that amusing little mouth of your speechless…” Claire reached down and with one hand, wraps her fingers around the base of his cock, stroking gently up and down, just to feel him harden underneath her touch. She shifted her weight forward slightly, putting it on her other hand, pinning him further to the bed. Before he could protest or say anything further, she bore down on him, mouth latching on to his. She nibbled at his lower lip before catching it between her teeth and pulling it away from his face with a thoughtful, dirty smirk. She let go of his lip only to passionately crash her lips into his once more, hand still busy toying with him down below

The End

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