Somnophilia // Claire & MohinderMature

At her reply, Mohinder grinned, remembering that line from the movie they’d watched the other day and gladly pressed his lips to hers again. This time it was more like a collision as he could barely keep his enthusiasm under wraps much longer. She knew exactly what she was doing… knew exactly how to rev his engine. Or, spin his centrifuge as the case might be. Not expecting the grinding below, his breath hitched, causing an almost needy whimper to vibrate through the kiss. At the same time, hands involuntarily squeezed at her flesh - one at her ass, pulling her down against him as he seemed to get lost in the warmth below, and the other teasing a nipple, absently attempting to bring it to full attention.

Once he realized he was pinned down, that was when another wave of excitement swept through him, and he knew almost immediately that she would soon notice the effect she was having on him as it coursed down his spine to his lower half, causing his cock to throb in anticipation underneath her. His physical reactions to all this surprised even himself; it didn’t make sense. With his strength, he could easily overpower her… but he didn’t wantto. Allowing himself to be at her mercy (or at least pretending to be) had his pupils dark with lust and his pulse racing.

Still unsure what to think, he closed his eyes to concentrate on her skin, her breathing, her perfume, anything to get himself under control again. Mohinder certainly didn’t want her thinking badly of him. That wasn’t exactly the correct term, but his brain wasn’t functioning on full capacity at the moment either. After a clearing of his throat and a lick of his lips, he was able to form a sentence with a somewhat sultry tone, “So um, now that you have me pinned and underneath you, whatever will you do with me?” That wasn’t what he had planned to say at all. Hopefully she didn’t think he was a pervert or anything. All he knew was that he wanted her now more than… “I desire you more than chai at this moment.” And there was spoken the ultimate compliment.

The End

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