Somnophilia // Claire & MohinderMature

What had started off with those gentle, sweet caresses of her leg and side quickly turned into something more primal after she turned the tables on him and let herself loose a little. She knew how much he liked it and was more than glad to give in to what they both wanted. And oh, she could tell he wanted it now, even if he had been sleeping a few short minutes ago. There were just two thin layers of fabric between them after all, and body heat was building, among other things. 

His breathy moan invoking the deities sent a little rush through her: she loved nothing more than pulling those almost involuntary reactions from him. It was watching the scientist, the logical mind, give in to something bigger than itself, something it couldn’t think its way out of. Not to mention, it was so hot. Especially on the rare occasion that it was her name he called out. If the way his hands were roaming over her was any indication, tonight might be one of those nights. Claire moved her rear against his hand as he found it, but couldn’t help the small gasp of enjoyment she let out as his other hand settled for her breast. It had always been one of her most sensitive areas, and he knew it…not that she minded in the slightest. Biting her lip briefly out of sheer enjoyment, she chuckled happily.

“I know,” she breathed against his lips, smiling before they connected again. She shifted her lower half where it rested on him, just to test the waters, and was rewarded with the sensation of the hardened length of him between her legs. Just for fun, she slowly rocked her hips up against his and then back, wanting him to feel all of her too. Since she more than liked what his hands were up to, she let them be, pinning his shoulders to the bed with her own hands instead. It gave her a bit more control, should she want it, and she liked the  feel of his warm skin beneath her palms.

The End

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