Somnophilia // Claire & MohinderMature

Bendy was all his lust filled mind could come up with at the moment, and he also laughed about it as lips continued to pepper kisses along her skin. As he held her, his thumb absently caressed her ankle, enjoying how soft she was to the touch and every now and then he’d mix it up and allow his tongue to leave a warm trail as well, careful to avoid any areas that might cause her to jump at the tickling sensation as he didn’t want to get kicked (especially in the nose).

Mohinder was so caught up in the moment that he hadn’t noticed her subtle movements until it was too late and he found himself on his back and pinned down underneath her. Not that he’d ever complain, no. In fact, just the opposite. Surely she had to feel the effect she was having on him as his excitement grew against her warmth below. His attempt to return her smirk turned into more of a deer in headlights expression than anything else. Although he loved her and was very comfortable with her, sometimes he still couldn’t believe how lucky he was and how much her forwardness turned him on. It could be overwhelming but he was pretty sure he’d never tire of it.

And then she went for his neck… “Oh gods,” he practically purred out as eyes lidded shut and grin widened. Hands went from her waist to exploring everywhere he could reach as the air of gentleman-like propriety was thrown out the window and he began to let loose and get lost in the moment, in the honest passion. Fingers made their way behind her to first tickle at her lower back, along her spine, before carefully sliding her panties down. Yes, these felt familiar so he’d guess they were the pink ones he loved seeing on her. While that hand massaged and cupped her rear, the other one slid up her stomach, giving feather light touches along her skin (but careful not to tickle) until he reached a breast where he took his time in caressing it and drawing light circles against the soft flesh with his thumb teasingly close to the nipple.

Although he should have been, he wasn’t expecting to feel her teeth latching onto him, which caused his body to tense up under her and pulled a surprised, deep moan from his lips. “Extraordinary,” he breathed out as she leaned up to capture his lips with hers. As he returned the kiss with just as much enthusiasm, he couldn’t help the quiet, happy hums he was making. “Love you,” he managed to get out before gently attacking her lips again.

The End

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