Somnophilia // Claire & MohinderMature

Claire had had more than a few partners in her life; some were for pleasure, some were for work. But no matter which way she looked at it, Mohinder was by far her favorite. Having genuine feelings for him only helped, but in the moment, she was more grateful for his reactions and the easy way it was with him. How he closed his eyes as she spoke, the faint change in his breathing, the way he gripped her leg tighter in response. Knowing his blood was quickening roused her in return, and as his fingers edged along her underwear, she inhaled sharply and let out a low chuckle of approval. Though she doubted he remembered, she’d slept in one of his favorite pink, lacy ensembles. His hands were eager regardless, and she squirmed pleasantly against his touch.

Mouth making a round ‘oh’ of surprise as he brought her leg up to his lips, Claire couldn’t help but grin and laugh again. “Bendy is a good word for it,” she said, arching her leg and foot out for him. His lips were always so soft, though at this point she doubted it would’ve mattered where he kissed her as long as he did so at all. She made a low, happy noise as his mouth–and hands–traveled upward, and inched her leg slowly back to wrap it around his waist. This was strictly to give her leverage. As soon as his mouth moved away for a moment, she took advantage of the opportunity to roll him onto his back and pull herself on top of him, staring him down in eyes now adjusted to the dark.

Claire smirked from her vantage point, which she enjoyed only briefly before bringing her mouth down to his neck. She nipped gently at the sensitive skin there, kissing down his neck until sweet lips reached the spot where neck met shoulder. She bit there, though not hard, and drew fingers tantalizingly across his torso. It was enough to give even her goosebumps, and as her hands ran up into his hair, her lips met his in a slow but passionate kiss.

The End

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