Somnophilia // Claire & MohinderMature

If she’d asked, he would have gladly explained everything he knew about hormones, but right now it was all about show, not tell. And although he was still timid in some ways, now that they’d become more comfortable with each other, he had no problem showing her just how much he desired her… The foreign syllables rolling off her tongue didn’t hurt either, and he found his eyes fluttering closed as he took them in. Most people probably wouldn’t think much of it, but to him it was a very rousing part of foreplay, causing his grip on her thigh to strengthen as he massaged along it and the blood to flow to the proper places below.

 Arching into her touches that felt like an amazing drug he could definitely get addicted to, his fingers roamed as far back as they could behind him, playing along the edges of her panties, teasing and plotting at what they’d do once he could really get his hands on her. Before he turned around though, he was determined to get a little creative first, despite his limited reach from this vantage point. Fingers continued to tease along her skin as he thought this over.

“Hmm…” he finally hummed in a curious tone before gliding a hand along her leg and lifting it up. “I certainly hope you’re… bendy,” he said playfully with a half laugh before pulling her ankle up to his mouth and softly pressing his lips against it. Was this creative enough, he wondered. For some reason, he felt as though he needed to impress her, as though he was still earning her affection for some reason. Another few kisses were given and this time an added long lick or two for good measure. Hopefully she wasn’t ticklish. If so, he was about to be kicked out of the bed. That was a risk he was willing to take though.

As one hand held her leg steady, the other one continued to massage, this time getting closer to her most sensitive area, which would hopefully diffuse the ticklish sensation if she was indeed about to launch him off the bed. Light kisses then traveled down her calf as far as he could bend from that angle and then returned to the top of her foot as he listened to her reactions to all this.

The End

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