Somnophilia // Claire & MohinderMature

Although she’d given several clues so far that he would have probably caught if he was fully awake (or maybe not), it was the manner in which she spoke with that beautiful accent of hers that caused his eyes to snap open and lips to silently mouth, Oh, before biting his bottom lip as though he’d found a secret that he wasn’t meant to know. Was this really happening, or was he dreaming? The fingers along his stomach felt real enough though, and caused him to melt into her touch with a quiet, content sigh and matching goosebumps. Well, even if this was a dream, it was with her and he was going to enjoy it.

But wait, a thought had hit him - would the rest of his body be as cooperative this early in the morning? As her almost naked body rubbed against his back, that was when he finally noticed his pants were undone, her movements pulling them down further. Well there was no turning back now. It was showtime and after all her kisses and the friction between their skin, he found himself not just wanting this, but needing it, needing her, more every passing second.

A hand slid down atop hers currently near his hip before silently guiding her fingertips lower, under the cloth and over his thigh, teasingly close to his most sensitive areas but not quite allowing her the freedom to roam yet. Hmm… did she want to play first? Hopefully so as he was now leading her hand in the opposite direction. This time her digits would roam over soft, curly hair and accidentally brush up against the effect she was having on him. Well, at least that part of his body was being cooperative.

Although he fully enjoyed the feeling of her warm, soft body behind him, it limited his reach. But he managed for the moment, arm reaching back to bring up her leg to rest it at his waist so his fingertips could tease along her inner thigh, daringly close to her silky panties. “I would love nothing more than to have you for breakfast, love.”

The End

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