Somnophilia // Claire & MohinderMature

Claire could hear his smile in the dark, the sound of his lips parting, and she almost chuckled to herself. The doctor could be so cute sometimes, and he never even tried. But it wasn’t that side of him that currently had her hands untying the strings to his pajama pants, fingers ghosting against the sensitive skin around his hip bones. 

As Mohinder instinctively scooted against her, Claire finally did grin, beginning to nip lightly against his neck. He kissed her face, a sweet, habitual gesture, much like his hand along her thigh; he was a touchy man, another thing about him she liked. Not too many could keep up with her appetite, after all, and he’d proven quite capable. She wrapped the leg he was touching around his, pulling him closer as he spoke, voice affirming her assumption that he wasn’t quite fully out of dreamland yet.

Chuckling quietly into his ear, she nibbled at the lobe before whispering huskily, “Oh, something like that, ma chere…” Fingers finally succeeded in undoing the knot at his pants and as they fell loose, she ran her fingers up his abs and back down again, reveling in the feeling of his sleep-warmed skin against hers. The growing heat between them–mostly from her–made her squirm against his back. There was something exciting and endearing about being woken up for purely lusty reasons and she hoped he would be as fond of it as she was.

The End

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