Somnophilia // Claire & MohinderMature

Collaboration with MohinderSuresh. An example of one of the many nighttime meanderings of Claire & Mohinder, this one spurred on by some arousing dreams.

The images weren’t clear, but there was no denying the tingle through her entire being that brought Claire to consciousness. It’d only been a dream; logically she knew that, but she awoke warm and roused, an unsteady breath shaken from her lungs.


It coursed through her veins, fire and ice, and she couldn’t ignore it despite the hour. 2:23 blinked, green and subtle, at her from the nightstand across the bed; across the sleeping form of Mohinder. His breathing was deep, slow, and indicative of a restive and pleasant sleep. He was shirtless and at some point in the summer night they’d pushed the blankets off the bed. She’d only worn her underwear to sleep; despite the air conditioning, there was a mugginess to everything, and she was suddenly glad of the choice. Every inch of skin was overly sensitive, and as she slithered over the sheets to her lover’s side, the plain cotton felt like silk.

Her mouth, hungry like the rest of her, found his neck and planted a series of kisses down the sensitive skin until it reached the spot where his neck met his shoulder.She nibbled at the little divet as her hands traced small circles on his side, her body spooning his from behind; long legs twined together with his. Fingers wandered down to his hips, toying with the hem of his pajama pants in hopes of rousing at least part of him out of slumber

The End

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