Somewhere out there

So here again?

And the road, this time, blocked. 

Today you promised,

you promised her you wouldn’t be late.

But the carts ahead won’t be moving soon,

the merchants chatter angrily over spilled apples,


by your feet,

one juicy red apple.

She would have liked that, if you could seen her,

which you won’t now.

She was waiting, under the tree.

She won’t wait much longer.

There is a door to your left,

a door in the air,

which shimmers an invite of safe passage past the traders.

They flap their hands impatiently,

one turns to you as if just noticing you for the first time,

and deep in her eyes you can see,

a soul


her soul,

she won’t be waiting,

you must find her, if you are to save her,

she is trapped somewhere out there.


You wake in a cold sweat, the dream again, obviously the rumours about eating chocolate before sleep were true. Your hand searches the dark dressing table for your alarm clock, 4.45, congratulations you made an extra ten minutes on the last three nights!

 You shuffle to the bathroom well aware you won’t be able to sleep again unless you spend a penny, although if you did literally have to pay, with your landlord ‘Grasping Gordon’ it wouldn’t be a surprise.

 You pull the cord and the bathroom fills with harsh unforgiving light, bouncing of the white tiles and seeming, with each reflection, to increase in intensity, until you feel you are subject to some kind of interrogation. You catch a glimpse of yourself in the bathroom mirror, the light (or perhaps the lack of sleep) washing out you features making you appear like a pale balloon in blue pyjamas.

 You sigh at the sight, somehow aware that once again you will do nothing but toss and turn for the remaining hours of darkness, until your alarm clock pierces the silence with impatient beeping. You wander into the kitchen and stare blankly into the empty refrigerator, your flatmates, it would seem have gone to a party, and taken the entire contents of the kitchen with them.

 You open and slam the kitchen cupboards, desperate for some way to fill the remaining hours until your tired eyes fall on a small box of tablets, sleepeez. Perhaps you can get a good nights sleep after all, alternatively your new DVD arrived yesterday and you haven’t had chance to watch it yet.

The End

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