Chapter 2

Honey lay upon her new bed, absolutely exhausted. She had spent a good few hours being given a guided tour of her new home, and unpacking her two huge suitcases. Honey opened her eyes to look around her room again.

Her grandparents had always been sweet on Honey, and they gave her the best spare room in the house. It was very spacious with a thick creamy carpet and matching walls. In the far right corner stood a desk, with a brand new laptop, and various other bits and pieces. Next to the desk were double doors, which, hidden behind, was a small walk in wardrobe, freshly stocked with all of Honeys clothes.

White french doors opened on to a balcony on the far side, creamy silk curtains billowing, and overlooking the large garden, with a crystal clear lake not to far away in the distance. 

Shelves lined the wall to the left now stocked with Honey's books, and some of her grandparents books they had decided to leave her. A corkboard stood above her double bed, layerd with red and cream sheets. Pinned on the corkboard, was a single picture. The only picture Honey cared for anymore.

Honey brought herself up onto her knees and elbows, carefully removing the picture and settling back down with it, gazing into the smiling faces of her family. It was taken the day they had gone on holiday in cornwall, two years ago, before her twin brother had fallen ill. They were all stood on the beach, the sun setting behind them, her Father's arm wrapped round her Mother, Honey and Farrel stood in front of them, both clutching a beach ball. They were all dressed for swimming, and they looked so happy. That was the last happy photo of them all together, and there never will be another one.

After Farrel was diagnosed with a brain tumour, Honeys world came crashing down. Her loving parents came tempremental, and they would always spend their time with Farrel at the hospital. Honey loved Farrel with all her heart, and just the possibility of losing him caused her to break down sobbing.

Farrel died. Honey remembered the last time she saw him. He smiled at her from his sick bed, looking like death. He told her he was going to be fine, that there was othing to worry about. Honey leaned in to kiss him, but then had to leave for home. The same night she woke to her mother's screaming. Farrel had passed on.  She spent days non stop crying. Her parents became so distant, they almost forgot they had a daughter, and Honey didn't even notice they'd forgotten her.

Following Farrel's death, her father commited suicide. She found him hanging in the bathroom. All she could do was scream and scream untill she felt her lungs were going to collapse. She had no tears left to cry.

Honey hadn't spoken to anyone since, or even used her voice. She couldn't remember what she even sounded like anymore.

After grieving their dead son and grandson, Honey's friendly grandparents took Honey into their care, for fear of her mental health. They sent her mother to recover in hospital, after refusing to eat and unable to sleep.

So here she was, lying on her new bed, remembering her past. She began to weep. Gently, so she was unheard. If only her twin never fell ill, everything would be ok. She would still have a wonderful brother, and her parents.

Unfortunatly, life is never how you want it to be.

The End

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