Somewhere Only We Know

I really have no idea :D

Honey didn't have high hopes for her new life, not considering everything she was leaving behind.

 Sitting in the back of her grandparents old muck of a car, she rolled down her window, gazing outside half heartedly at the scenery rolling past slowly. Everything was so unbelievably green, the grass thick, the trees lean and looming, practically dripping with leaves. The air was brisk and cold, and smelt heavily of the countryside, something she wasn't used to. It stun her cheeks pink.

 She twisted back round in her seat, her elbow length caramel coloured hair falling around her face as she met her Grandda's eyes in the mirror. Honey quickly ditched her self pitying expression and returned his bright smile with a timid one.

"We're here Honey." Grandda said softly, turning the car wheel as he spoke. Honey sighed and leaned back into her seat, feeling the car slow down and the wind lose some of it's viciousness. Gravel crunched under the wheels. Honey turned again to roll the windows back up, pausing to survey her new home.

It was a beautiful house, she'd give it that. It was a rather large farmhouse and suited the country very well, with soft brown textures patterning from ground to roof. The shades varied from a light muddy brown to nearly black. It sat amongst many pink and blue vibrant flowers in a large garden, which, Honey thought worriedly, would probably give her trouble with her hayfever! A wooden fence lined the garden, and a large gate opened up to let the car the rest of the way through to the drive. The sun set behind the house, and birds sang and washed happily in the bird bath.

Yes, it looks gorgeous, but you shouldn't have to be here, you didn't WANT to be here, rememeber? Honey grimaced, pushing that thought out of her head as quickly as it came.

The car slowed to a stop, and Honey reluctantly climbed out, shutting the car door behind her tenderly, afraid it might fall off. She was suprised it even lasted the trip! Grandda and Grandma were clambering out as Honey walked round to the back and rested a hand on the car boot, shivering. Grandda quickly walked round to meet her, beckoning her to move, and opening the boot. Honey felt an arm slide round her shoulder. She looked up at her Grandma, who smiled, and started to lead her away from the car.

 "Let Grandda sort your things out, Honey. Come on, let me show you the house."  She spoke, sliding her key into the wooden form of the front door.

The End

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