Sometimes, It's Hard To Be Sure That The Double-Crosser Hasn't Been Double-CrossedMature

A lying, double-crossing, cheating, conning, money-grabbing ego with a dirty charm is getting his own work thrown back at him... but is oblivious in his near-permanent state of erotic bliss.
Unbeknown to him, she's going to pull the rug from under his feet with a better trick than even he could pull.

The scent of strong perfume awoke me from my slumber. I peered out from the covers of my bed to see her.


 Kitty was her name and taking my money was her game.


This wasn’t the first time I’d slept with her: she was just perfect.

‘I’ve got to go baby, but I’m sure I’ll see you again later.’ Kitty spoke in a manner which made my wallet hurt; I knew that she was right. Then without another word, she walked out in a rattle of bondage-chained dress. Still lying there, I recalled the day I’d met Kitty. Three years previously, on May fifteenth, I had woken with no intention of taking a pretty face home with me.


I’d rolled out of bed at nine, eating between the various stages of moulding myself into a polished professional. I left ready for a day of conning.


I searched across London’s streets for a target but it was looking to be a slow day, so I was pleased when I spied him. Tall and well-dressed, he looked like a man who cared about his rich appearance and had no time for a problem. He fumbled with his watch in apparent despair. Proudly, I pulled out my fake Rolex and walked toward him.   

‘Hello, Sir.’ I painted on my smooth businessman expression. ‘Having trouble with your watch?’

He scowled. ‘Why are you asking?’

‘I’ve got a Rolex here I need to get rid of – far too bulky for me – so you could take it off my hands and I’ll recycle the old one, perhaps?. I said with a slick smile on my face.

‘What’s the catch? I’m late for a meeting.’ He looked suddenly intrigued.

‘Twenty pounds for my services, Sir, is all I ask of you.’


He snatched the watch from me, thrusting the banknote and Rolex into my hand before hurrying off, seemingly afraid that I’d remove my offer, and too stpid to realise that it wasn't a fair one.  My first of the day and best for a long time; there were diamonds set into the face, I noticed. I could sell it off to a friend when I went out that evening.


That was when I saw her, slouched somehow elegantly against a wall. Her hair was hot and fiery like the cool cigarette in her hand. Smoke hovered high, twisting away from her. Clicking her heels, she straightened, tossing the cigarette onto the floor. She blew a kiss, sending all her seduction to me in one powerful wave. With a flick of her wrist, the girl adjusted her little skirt and swayed her hips as she walked to me. He phone rang and she leant back against the wall to answer it, posing with a certain kind of attitude. The conversation was over in a few seconds, letting her turn her attention back to me.

‘Fancy a drink. . . stud?’ She flicked her tongue out, raising my pulse and flooding me with heat. I went into my sleek charmer mode but a slightly different take on it; I was after a girl now, I was doing what I did even better than conning.

‘Why not, baby? There’s a lovely little place a-’ She stopped me before I could finish.

‘I was thinking somewhere a little more secluded, stud.’

I’d known her five minutes and I already had a pet name. A good sign, I was sure.


Suddenly, she was next to me, stroking my face and breathing in my ear. I shivered.

 ‘My place, at nine.’ She dipped her hand into my back pocket and left in that sudden way that, unbeknown to me at the time, she never didn’t do. I realised that she’d put something in my pocket – a business card. 



All welcome| All indulged

69 Sexton Drive



I was only just on time for her. Kitty answered the door wearing a lot less than what I’d first seen her in. My nervous shakes were replaced with quite a different sort of trembling. But still, it kicked off as just drinks. I couldn’t help but ask myself, “Is there more?”


It turns out there was more. About two hundred pounds more per session, and I can’t get enough of them. But she’s amazing and that’s why I still pay to sleep with her.

Oh, little Kitty is a lot more than a pretty face, believe me.  




The End

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