Something to Talk About

"Call me sometime Mallory.  I've left my card on the vanity.  It has my 411." 

"Right.  Will do."

As I watched him leave my bedroom I noticed his stocky build.  He was wearing a perfectly pressed navy polyester suit.  Just as he exited through my door he turned and winked at me.  It sent shivers up my spine.  A depressing thought flooded my mind.  He's seen me naked.  Oh what I have I done?

I looked at the bright green numbers blaring at me through my table clock.  Six twenty.  I needed to get out of bed. Get a shower and catch my train.  I can't be late for work again.  I forced my legs over the side of the bed with the weight of what felt like a hundred cement stones.  A splitting pain came over me.  Water and aspirin.  Must have water and aspirin.

As the hot, steamy water came pouring down over my sore, tired body I began to recount the events from the previous evening.  I know there was wine.  Lots of wine.  A churning feeling filled my stomach.  Never again.  Never again will I indulge in anything to do with alcohol. 

Cloudy pictures danced across the blackness behind my eye lids.  Bit by bit I was piecing it together.  An image of Jasper, my boss, buying bottle after bottle of merlot came to mind.  That's right!  After-work drinks with the big wigs from Genoway, our newest must-have client. 

I work for a marketing firm called Maylar Media Inc..   I'm a junior sales rep trying to work my  way up.  Currently I'm working on a few different leads, mainly Genoway.  Jasper says that if we land this account I can consider my long time coming promotion in the bag! 

Genoway, crap!  What did I do last night?  The card!  He said he left his card on the vanity.  I scrambled out of the shower, grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my self.  I ran to the vanity beside my bed leaving a trail of water behind me.  Samuel Genoway, Account Executive, Genoway Sporting Equipment.  Mr. Genoway's son?  The Mr. Genoway's son?  You've got to be kidding me!

The End

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