Something To Die ForMature

Lily knows I want something worth dieing for, and she wants revenge.

I pushed past the men and women in the village, not careing if they called me rude. They already have, anyway.

Lily was standing about a quarter away from dropping just what I needed into the water. Her gaze focused on me. A grin formed at her mouth.

"You can't save it now."she whispered as I got closer.

With that she dropped it down. I could feel my face turning redder.

I pushed past Lily and began taking my clothes off, except for my undershirt and shorts. I jumped in, my eyes beginning to adjust to the salty water. I searched for the little package, but it was no use. The waves had already took it away to them.

It was almost as if the ocean knew how badly I wanted it. They were mocking me.

After 3 minutes of under water search, I broke the surface gasping for breath.

Lily was nowhere to be seen.

The End

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