Chapter 1

"So what you girls doing tomorrow?" Lloyd said, bouncing onto a stool. The art class room was nearly empty, aside from me and a few close friends.

Rhona spoke first, flicking her short brown hair behind her ear. "I'm not doing anything." I couldn't stand Rhona when she went into "Lloyd mode". She thought she knew him better than me, which was both stupid and impossible - I'd known him practically all my life, whereas she'd known him for three years.
I sighed and gave Lloyd the answer he was looking for. "Clear day, what you got planned for us?" He beamed like a child at Christmas.

"I was thinking we could go into town. You know we've not been anywhere together in ages Rosalyn." He pointed out. Every girl needs a male best friend, and mine just couldn't take a hint.

"Lloyd, you know that I know that you were going to invite me out somewhere tomorrow. I've been asking about this Saturday for two weeks." I sighed again, and turned my attention back to my painting.

"So you'll be at mine for half 10?" Lloyd asked hopefully.

"You know I will." I said slowly, concentrating on getting my brush strokes perfect.

"What house numbers yours Lloyd? 68?" Rhona blurted out, as her phone vibrated in her hand. 

"48, why?" he asked cautiously. Rhona's phone went off again.

"Dad will drop me off." Rhona said, almost proudly. The teacher came back into the room then, to tell us to start packing up. I lifted the canvas carefully and put it in my drawer.

"Seriously Rosalyn, what are you painting?" I smiled slyly at Lloyd. Nobody, not even the teacher, knew what I was painting. It was a collection of random lines to them so far. All was to become apparent.

Rhona said goodbye and rushed off to her tutor, at the opposite side of the school to where me and Lloyd needed to go.

"Why does she throw herself into plans?" Lloyd asked, irritated, as we pushed our way through the packed corridor.

"It’s Rhona. It’s what she does. Let her invite somebody else and we can ditch them." I suggested, knowing he wouldn't agree to it.

"No... I've got a surprise for you, which is why I didn't want Rhona to come along." A surprise? Lloyd had known me for 14 years, and he knew I hated surprises. I opened my mouth to object but he cut me off. "It arrived last week and it’s perfect for you. You can have it tomorrow. Just don't let Rhona touch it."

I was intrigued - he had gotten me a present, in the middle of January. We didn't do presents - and he knew I would feel like I had to pay him back.

We walked into our tutor room, and loaded up what we were suppose to be working on in our free computer time.

One of Lloyd's other friends leaned over. "Hey. I heard Martin Cox got battered up at lunch." I sighed.

"About time. Who did it?" Martin was one of those guy who thought he could have what he wanted, and would punch his way to his goal. "Please say it was that poor year eight girl that he pushed over last week. She knows karate." I checked the teacher wasn't watching us before turning back to Lloyd's friend.

"You know that guitar guy? Well the one that plays, like, seven different instruments." I bit my lip trying to think of his name.

Lloyd's eyes lit up then. "Matt? I was wondering why he wasn't in art!" He leaned back in his chair then. "Whoa, can't believe I missed it! Did anybody record it?"

"Quiet Matt? No way!"  Matt was a tall lad that looked like he wouldn't hurt a fly. But he would stand up for himself and anybody that looked weak. "What made him flip?" I wasn't normally one for gossip, but Matt was over looked by most girls in the school - as gorgeous as he was, the long curly hair put a lot of people off.  

"Yeah it’s had, like, a thousand hits on you tube already!" The lad said quietly as the teacher came closer. "Apparently Cox said his twin brothers, you know the pair that are in year ten..." he stopped to make sure we knew who he meant. I nodded quickly. "Yeah, he said they were gay or something. Matt got really defensive and punched him square in the nose."

"Good for Matt." I said turning back to my computer, and opening up a website I was suppose to be recoding.

The chair next to me moved backwards, but I didn't look to see who it was. "That coding won't work." said an unfamiliar voice for the chair. I jumped and turned to see a boy in the year below me that I didn't know the name of. He pushed his thick black hair away from his eyes.

"I know it won't. That's why I'm fixing it for the website's owner." I snapped at him and quickly returned to changing the colour scheme and layout.

"I'm Joe." He said, leaning closer to view the screen better.

"Rosalyn, now do you mind moving away from my work, thank you." I said before consciously remembering he wasn't part of my tutor group. "What you doing in here anyway? You're not a year eleven."

One of Lloyd's friends behind me spoke up then. "She's asked you to move. Move before we move you."

Joe ignored them and answered my question. "Your tutor happens to be the only teacher in the school that trusts me."

"Great. Now leave me alone." I said, checking the time and logging off the computer. The teacher dismissed us, but asked Joe to hang back. "I'll see you tomorrow Lloyd." I said, grabing my bag and walking out of the room quickly. I caught sight of Lloyd's friends teasing him over my words, and smiled to myself - they weren't going to let him off not explaining what I meant.

The End

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