Something Quite Catchy Indeed (Ch 17-25)

Julia has begun to grow cold towards her dad from seeing him kiss Sylvia, and she tries to blame it on the slowing, now that it's been found it has increased impulsiveness. Due to a sickness that her mom has, Julia and her mom end up crashing into someone after she had fainted. They worry, but before long it seems to have become a lesser concern. Gabby has become more obsessed with her Internet friend, and she seems ready to take action and leave for his community. Julia starts to become a bit

One theme that began to show up was rebellion. We first see it in Gabby first, with her want to run away. Now, it's also seem to come up with Julia. "An idea flickered in my mind: I don't have to go to practice- I could just walk away." This is where we see her first rebellion, and more may come. 

The central conflict seems to be directly affecting every part of their lives, even their mental state. The novel pointed out that it made people act more in the moment, with less judgement. Julia blames this on many things. Even a few things she does could be blamed on it. Due to the slowing, people act faster on their desires, and it plays through in many characters.

Her diction seems to be mostly standard. Sometimes it compliments how she writes, but it mostly just makes for solid grammar. The voice she uses helps create the mood. It allows for the bleak outlook, which we see most of the time.

The End

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