Something or Other

A something I dreamed up while stressing over an English exam... in the exam. This is going somewhere, it just takes a while.

“Oh, I must be dreaming,” our young hero groaned.

“Well, I certainly don’t feel like I’m dreaming,” said one voice in the mist.

“No, me neither,” answered another.

“Unless, of course, we are just projections of your psyche.”

“In which case, we would know stuff.”

“Yeah, only stuff you would know.”

“So ask us a question only you would know, to see if we know.”

Our hero was, understandably, confused at this point. “When’s my birthday?”

“Too easy, July sixth.”

“Doesn’t that mean we know what he knows, so we are?”

“No, it means I looked up his file.”

“We don’t have files.”

“Then it was a psychological projection of one, okay?”

“Which means one of us is dreaming.”

“But which one?”

“Good question.”

“I don’t feel like a psychological projection, do you?”

“No, I certainly don’t either. But, of course, we wouldn’t, since psychological projections wouldn’t be able to tell.”

“Can I intercede?” Our hero interceded.

“Well, now you have done already, continue.”

“I don’t feel like a psychologi-whatsit either.”

“Well, we may all be dreaming the same dream, or none of us are and there’s someone else here.”


At this, they all looked around. There was no one to be seen, but the mist was rather foggy. Or rather it was misty, people always get that wrong. Nevertheless, the visibility was sub-par and therefore they couldn’t see anyone around.

“Well, unless you can ask us a decent question to sort this all out, I may just have to run under the assumption that none of us are, and this, in fact, is reality.” They had an odd way of pausing at odd points in their speaking, something which can only be represented by commas.

I feel at this point it may go some way as to explaining what is actually happening. That may help the intrepid reader understand slightly the events occurring on the page before them. The situation here developed as a direct result of what happened of page two, which will all be explained on page two. However, this page is devoted to something which will happen in the future, so I feel putting it here would make page one feel a little left out of its duties, especially since this situation will be repeated again later in the book.


Every story has a beginning, and in fact an ending. However, most stories begin and end at multiple different points, as people tell it differently each time. This story began when our hero woke up, however, the actual beginning, you could say, was when our hero was on a journey to go to the place that would eventually lead to this beginning.


But that will all be explained on page two.

The End

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