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Sometimes things happen, at times when life and love seem hopeless, but sometimes they can turn into something worse, or better, as Taylor and Rachel's hearts collide, Taylor's life falls apart, and his heart grows cold, can Rachel break through the wall he's put up?

 I'm a middle child, always forgotten by my family, never feeling anything more than distaste and annoyance. Funny, someone can tell you they love you your whole life, build up that trust, and then shatter it within a matter of seconds. That's essentially my life, but I found real love in the end, no matter how dearly it cost me.

 This story of the portion of my life, started on a rainy thursday, everyone was home, including my brothers, My younger brother, Scott and I were in my room, listening to my older brother, Logan scream at dad.

 " Damn it Logan!" My father howled, " What did I tell you about drinking!" My brother had gotten caught drinking at a party, my dad had to post bail and of course he managed to pick him up and get him here right as we got home. When I saw how red my fathers face was I grabbed Scott and dragged him into our room, albeit kicking and screaming to avoid the fireworks.

While the arguement raged outside Scott played with his toys like the brat that he was. He had short curly blond locks, blue eyes and a chubby belly for a 7 year old. He was mom and dad's favorite child and always got what he wanted, no matter how expensive it was. While me, heh I almost didn't have a bed.

 " Taylor, why is daddy yelling at Logan?" Scott asked, probably wondering why the attention wasn't on him. I sighed heavily as I heard a crash in the kitchen  and my eyes grew wide as they continued to scream at each other, sounding like wolves tearing into each other.

 "Logan did something very bad,"  I said softly, "And dad's chewing him out for it." The noise inthe other room finally stopped, dying back down into a whisper, then silence as footsteps moved towards the room. Logan walked in, looking like complete crap.

Scott ran out of the room, obviously to be scooped up and completely smothered and spoiled by my father, leaving my older brother and I alone in my room. Logan's blonde hair was matted down, covered in sweat  and reeking like a locker room., his emerald green eyes were glazed over and had huges bags hanging from them.

 " You okay?" I asked looking over at him as he shoved some pills down his throat and glared over at me annoyed.

 " How do I look Taylor?" He asked sarcastically, " I just got my ass chewed out by dad, and I still feel like shit from last night's party." I sighed and sat down muttering to myself how everyone else got attention, whether it was good or bad, while I got completely ignored. I was thinking about this when Logan pushed me off the bed with a slight snarl and I hit the floor hard.

 " You can sleep somewhere else tonight," He said, his voice raspy, " I need this more than you do right now." I felt the sting of what he was doing and left without a word, grabbing a napsack and phone, ready to meet with some people who actually gave a damn about me.

The End

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