Something MoreMature

A 15 year old girls daily life. :D

"Will you do me a favor?" His sweet voice whispered to me as I stared off into his deep blue eyes.

"Anything," I said. I didn't even know what he wanted me to do. I just knew that I would do it no matter what.

"Marionne thinks that I broke up with her to get with you. I need your help trying to convience her that we never went out..." Woah! Reality check! Excuse me!

"Do you still like her?" I gave my 'ex' a curious glare, but he looked away at Marionne.

"No," he said. I gave him a glance, then I looked at Marionne. You're kidding me. Your damn puppy eyes are all over her! I might be stupid, but I'm not that stupid!

"All right," I let love take over as I uttered those words. Soon, I knew I would regret them, but right now? I knew that I would do anything for him. Anything he wanted me to.

I walked closer to Marionne as I felt his eyes flying from me to her. "Hey," I said walking up to her. Damn, why is she so pretty! I can't be mad at her!

"Hi," she said with a dazzling eyes that fluttered a couple times. "Is there something you need?"

"Yeah," I said begining to walk her to class, or atleast the way she was walking. "I need to talk to you." she stopped, and I did too.

"About what?" she gave Noah a quick look. "Him?"

"Yeah," I said wandering how she could think that he broke up with her to get with me! She was just too nice. "Look, here's the thing. All the romors about us getting together is just bull crap people are saying to get you mad," (ha! Yeah, and the 3 months that we spent together were all for nothing too!) "We've been good friends. People just get the wrong impression of 'us'," (yeah, and the cow jumps over the moon). "There was never really an 'us'."

"Oh," she said. I glanced at Noah, noticing that he was carefully listening to what I was saying. "That's nice, I guess. Thanks for telling me." she smiled.

"Mhmm," I walked away back to Noah, but he had already left to go talk to Marionne.

It had been 4 months. I hadn't talked to the one person that made me cry in 4 months. But when he did, he just used me. Like I was some disposable trash. Use once, then throw away. Jerk.

He was everything I had. We planned out our future. We said we would go to colleges together, and he said that the only way he would ever break up with me was if I cheated on him. Let me tell you. 2 words could describe that. Bull. Shit.

I guess life just doen't work that way. You want it to go one way, but it goes the other.

The words of advice a caring mother had given me echoed through my head for the 5th time that day. 'When you plan too far ahead and you get all excited, and that plan doesn't work out. You'll be crushed like a grape.' If only I'd listened to my mother.

The End

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