Something meant to make y'all depressed.

This is meant to be a compilation of entries by multiple people. One person should preferably only contribute one entry. I can't stop you if you want to put in more, but please try to keep to one entry. Also, try to keep to the scenario as closely as possible. My apologies if the vagueness makes it difficult. Finally, this is an activity which is completely voluntary in nature, and an endeavor which, contrary to its title, is not meant to make y'all depressed. So have fun writing your entries.

Chapter 1: Scenario:(Please read through everything, if you do indeed wish to contribute. And feel free to make changes to the smaller details of the story that wouldn't make any entries before your modifications irrelevant or unable to work)

This is the year 1***** A.D., 9*** years after the introduction of the Theós serum, a serum which causes the human body to become fully self-sufficient, resistant to extreme weather conditions and extreme temperatures, immune to all afflictions, whether deformities or illnesses, and most importantly, able to produce cells infinitely and is fully able to control the production of cells, essentially enabling immortality (Please ignore the mumbo jumbo behind all this, there's a reason its called the Theós serum.). Humans lost the need for food, water or even breathable air. So long as the Earth retained it's atmosphere, humans would be able to survive. It essentially eliminated all human problems; crime, because no one needed to money to survive or anything, and lets face it, villains who want to watch the world burn only exist in our books and movies; war, because who would want to sacrifice their lives for any cause when you can just live forever; shortages of any kind, kind of self explanatory; environmental concerns, because humans are able to survive in most environments; all except one: Space(Yes, yes, it is a really simplistic view on the motivations behind the actions humans take, but if i were to make it realistic this would take forever). Humans could now live forever. Which means that with every new human born, the space each person could have would decrease. In a bid to solve the issue, governments all over the world banned reproduction (Having sex was legal, but getting a baby is a big no-no). But naturally, most people disregarded the law as something that will go away in time and carried on with their activities, leaving governments no choice but to render the entire human species sterile. That caused an uproar among the people, but it was short lived. Only a small minority really cared all that much about having children, and the rest went on with their lives.

And one day, a man committed suicide. In his suicide note, these were the words that were written: I'm bored of this purposeless existence.

Following that, there was an explosion of media coverage on the event, most of them ridiculing how the man was willing enough to throw away immortality just because he was bored. However, the idea became rampant on online forums. Soon, similar cases exploded in number, and in the space of just one year 99.78% of the human population would be dead by their own hands.

You are one of the few remaining humans left on Earth, the last in your region(and preferably about to follow the majority of humanity into oblivion, though you are also free to take the perspective of one who wishes to live on). You are free to take on any role you want to in the old society, and if you need ideas on roles you can take, here are a few:

A random citizen of <country>
A scientist who was part of the scientific team which developed  the Theós serum
A traveler who has observed people from all over the world
A religious person
A madman
A member of the long gone governments


  1. As already stated, 1 entry per person as far as possible.
  2. Please refrain from trolling by making major changes to the original story that will completely destroy the creations of anyone before you.
  3. Please refrain from criticizing others' work in a manner capable of damaging them in any way(That includes my scenario, thank you very much). Their work is supposed to capture their thoughts, not yours.
  4. Try your best to craft your entry based on the story in Chapter 1: Scenario.
  5. Each new entry should be a new chapter. I'm fairly new to Protagonize, so I don't know how this whole thing works. Feel free to assign whatever name you want to your chapter, thought do try to keep the title of each chapter different from those which came before. Also, please do not copy and paste from others. It isn't fun that way.
  6. The formatting for each entry is up to the individual writer, and there is no word minimum or word limit, though 1 word isn't much of a story. It can be anything from a journal entry to a letter.
  7. Finally, just have fun in creating your own story.
The End

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