Something Lost

I sat on the front steps of my small house as my parents argued. It was like this a lot. At least every week, someone does something that tips each other off the edge then they blow up. They won’t admit it though.


When I asked my mother one day, why she married my father, she laughed it off and told me I was just imagining things. When I mentioned the cracks on the wall my father makes when he’s mad, she told me they were rats. And when I motioned the time when he broke her favorite vase, she told me if I ever brought it up again, I’d get sent away.


In this town, there are a lot of rules. We are sent to school to learn, filter versions of the things that are out there.


One day, before Mindy got taken away, she told me about this book she found in her mother’s closet.  She told me that it was a lot better than the dictionaries and encyclopedias that we were only allowed to read. She told me that it was only for the adults, but she didn’t know why, because it was a happy book. She told me there was a happy ending, which I’ve never heard of. She told me that when she read the book, in her head, sky was bluer then there usually is and the sun was brighter. She told me that it was better than the life we had here.


She used the word love, a word I’ve never heard of before. I went home that day and tried to look it up, but it wasn’t there. And when I went to Mindy’s house the next day, her mother was crying. And her father told me that Mindy was taken away for reading the adult book. And I never found out what love was, because if I did, I might be taken away.

The End

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