Mandy and Elenessa ~ Kale's Side

Mandy smiled, "Oh, you go to Randall High too?"

"Y-yeah," Elenessa replied in her usual shy way. This time though, she was entranced by Mandy. Looking at the ground, she blurted out, "I- I love your music too!"

"My music?" Mandy tilted her head in surprise. Then understanding what Elenessa was talking about, she smiled and said, "Oh, you mean those performances that my band puts on every now and then at school? Thanks. Do you playing anything yourself?"


"Well, Kale and I should get going. But would you like to meet the rest of the band some time?"

Elenessa's head rose up to look at Mandy in surprise. "Uh, um..., yes!"

"Great, give Kale your number and he'll set something up," Mandy said, winking at me.

Oh great, Mandy was trying to set me up with someone again.

I sighed and took out my phone. "What's your number?"

She blurted out some digits, as if this was the first time she had given her cell phone number to somebody. I couldn't catch it all, "Woah, slow down there."

This made her even more flustered, but she managed to repeat her cell phone number again at a more reasonable rate and I saved it onto my phone. "Got it."

"Well, see you later, Elenessa." Mandy started walking towards the door.

"See ya," I waved to Elenessa as well and followed Mandy out of the music store, leaving the flustered Elenessa standing there.

The End

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