Meeting In The Music Store ~ Kale's Side

"H- Hi," Elenessa said back to me, forcing a smile.

I raised my eyebrow at her forced greeting. Trying to make small talk, I asked her, "What were you listening to?"

"Nothing much," She said as she inched the CD case behind her back, trying to hide it from me, as if it was something embarrassing.

She started looking around, as if trying to get away from me. I was about to say something again when she darted behind another aisle and tried really hard to look interested in whatever was in front of her.

I sighed. That girl can be such a bother.

I walked up behind her again, and leaning close to her ear, I said, "Don't worry, I won't make fun of you for whatever music you've picked up."

She jumped away from me, and turned to face me, with her face all red and flustered. I held up my book, "C'mon, I'll show you mine first."

I pulled out my book, showing "Le Morte d'Arthur" to her, "It's a famous version of the death of King Arthur."

"Tha- That's nice."

She clutched onto her CD tightly, all flustered, not knowing what to do. I put the book back into the bag and said, "Well, your turn."

Elenessa glared at me. Then she suddenly held up the CD in front of me and turned her head away, as if she was scared of what I was going to say.

"Ooh, I love that band too!" Mandy walked up to us, holding up the exact same album. "Your friend, Kale?"

I laughed a little, "You can say that. This is Elenessa."

Mandy smiled at Elenessa, "Hi there, I'm Ma-"

Elenessa interrupted her, looking shocked. "Mandy Skyler. You're the head cheerleader at my school."

The End

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