The Mall ~ Kale's Side

"Thanks," I said, as the cashier handed me the book I had just purchased after she had finished processing my purchase.

"What's the book this time?" Mandy asked, peering over my shoulder to take a look.

I showed her the book, it was Malory's "Le Morte d'Arthur", which was French for "The Death of Arthur".

"It's a compilation of several stories about King Arthur and his knights," I said.

"Oh," was Mandy's bored response.

We walked out of the bookstore and into the main mall. Mandy and I have been friends since the first grade, we were pretty much best friends. Being the head cheerleader though, Mandy was usually busy, but we like to make time for each other and visit the mall at least once a week, just she and I.

"Oh hey!" She said, excitedly pointing at the display of CDs in front of the music store, "The new Avril album is out!"

Mandy ran over to the display and picked it up, gleaming with excitement. Then, she started looking around in the store as well, "Mind if we take a look around?"

"Sure, let's do that."

Mandy disappeared into an aisle of CDs while I wandered around. She had a thing for music, and was a huge fan of Avril. She was even in her own band as the keyboard player.

As I wandered around, I found myself in the Rock section of the store. It was there that I saw Elenessa, standing alone with headphones on her head.

She was listening to one of the demo machines and she seemed to be really enjoying whatever she was listening to. She was smiling, lost in the music.

I walked towards her to say hi. As I approached, she finished listening to the song and took off the headphones. Still smiling, she placed the headphones back onto the rack and picked up an album off the shelf. It was probably whatever she was listening to.

Turning around, she spotted me, and the smile disappeared. She gave me that same nervous look that she had on when we first met; already, she was trying to find a way to get away from me.

Not knowing what to do, I forged ahead and said, "Hi."

The End

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