Parting Ways With The Weird Girl ~ Kale's Side

"Gah, it's so bright." I rose my hand up to shield my eyes from the sun that sprung up on us as we rode out of the woods.

"So, yeah, this is where I live," Elenessa said quietly.

I looked around, and saw a house in the distance. I guess she was referring to that house. We were still perhaps five minutes away from it, but something in her voice made me think that perhaps she wanted me to leave at this point. "Okay, well... I guess I should go then?"

She smiled and said, "I guess."

A smile? I guess she wanted me to leave pretty badly, "So, uh... see you around then."

I turned Arondight around to face the forest.

"Sure..." she said, sounding like she didn't believe we'd meet again. Or perhaps it was that she didn't want to meet me again.

Not knowing what she meant, I did the only thing that I could do, I gave her a smile and gave Arondight a small kick, signalling him to head into the forest.

Behind me, I heard her horse start walking away, in the direction of the house.

What a weird girl.

The End

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