Bittersweet Parting

I almost froze in that instant. Why would I not want this moment to end? There is a person here. People equals unhappiness and unhappiness does not equal wanting to stay here longer. Sometimes, I think there's something wrong with my brain...

The forest opened up suddenly and I winced at the shining rays of light emanating from the low-hanging sun. "Gah, it's so bright," Kale complained, holding his arm up to shield the light. I hate to say it, but I agreed with him. The pastures before us stretched out for a ways in both directions and I could just see my house on the horizon, standing proudly to the right of the sun. I hesitated as we rode out from under the trees. What should I do next? Should I say goodbye here? Would it be awkward if I did that? My thoughts spun wildly, but I shook them all away. Okay, step one: calm down. I took a deep breath.

"So, yeah, this is where I live." I said quietly. I glanced up at Kale, waiting for him before I did anything else. "Okay, well... I guess I should go then?" He said, his voice rising at the end as if he were asking a question. I just smiled tightly at him before looking away. "I guess."

I pulled Windy to a stop and Kale did the same. I glanced up at him from underneath my eyelashes. So was he going to leave? Why was he just standing there? "So, uh... See you around then." He said as he turned his horse to face the forest. "Sure..." I said, drawing the word out a bit, making it sound a tad bit sarcastic without even meaning to. As soon as I realized this I stopped breathing in shock, having to force myself to take a breath. Great, he probably thinks I'm being rude. My whole body tensed up with frustration. I really hate myself sometimes.

Kale smiled at me one last time before kicking his horse into a gentle walk. I breathed out in relief. Good, maybe he didn't notice. Or maybe he did, but was just being polite about it? I started to get a bit panicky. What if he hates me now? My sarcastic side broke in at this point. Well, he probably thought I was strange, to say the least. And it's not like I'm not, strange that is. I know I'm not normal. I get it. 

I squeezed gently with my heels and Windy started walking back to the barn. His strides were long and loose and I rocked gently to his rhythm during the quick, maybe 5 minute, ride. I dismounted outside the barn and led my horse back into his stall. The forecast had predicted rain for tonight and I wouldn't want him outside in the pouring rain. He nickered quietly at me as I took off his tack and put them back in their proper place. I then unbuckled my helmet and shook out my wavy, brown hair. Afterwards, I locked up his stall and grabbed my bag before returning to inside my house.

The screen door slammed behind me as I walked through the large wooden door. "Mom?" I called out, wondering if she was home yet. "Yes, sweetie?" a cheery voice came back at me from the area of the kitchen. I walked over, crossing through the living room. "When did you get home?" I asked. "I had to feed Rain for you." I looked over at what she was doing. Her hands moved rapidly as she stirred whatever was in the pot. Good, dinner. I was just starting to get hungry.

"Around 7:45 or so," she said, adding a dash of salt to the food.

"Why so late?" I took a seat at a chair and turned to face her.  "Just work, dear. We ran a little late today." A little late. Yeah, like 2 hours was 'a little'. "What's for dinner?" I said, changing the subject. She moved to retrieve something from one of the cabinets. "Ravioli." I sniffed the air. Ah, yes. I could smell it now. I stood up, pushing the chair in. "Okay call me down when it's done." I retreated to my room, almost running up the stairs.

The soft blues and grays of the decor welcomed me as I entered through the door that connected the winding staircase to my circular room. I kicked my shoes into the corner and flopped onto my bed, tired from today's emotional strain. A slight breeze ruffled the tall, grey curtains as it whistled into my room. I listened to it as I rested, enjoying the otherwise silent atmosphere.

The End

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