Arondight ~ Kale's Side

I walked back to where I had tied Arondight to a tree. As I untied Arondight, I said to him, "I just met the weirdest girl."

That girl was either the coldest person I had ever met, or the most nervous person I had ever seen. Wait, did she have purple eyes? That's not possible, I thought to myself, I guess she was wearing contacts or something.

I got on to Arondight. "Well buddy, I guess it's time to go home."

I then directed Arondight to the shortcut through the woods that we had taken so many times before, completely ignoring the dirt path.

We knew these woods well. Before my sister passed, she would take me riding with her on Arondight. At first, I'd hold on to her tightly, unable to even look around, for fear that I would fall off.

However, as time passed by, I got comfortable with Arondight and riding horses in general. When I was old enough, my sister taught me how to ride by myself, and Arondight and I would go exploring these woods for hours.

Then she passed, and we didn't ride in these woods so much anymore. Months would pass before we'd come here.

Thinking of my sister, I decided to use what she had taught me, and Arondight and I raced through the woods.

After riding for a while, the old familiar bushes were in front of us, but that wasn't any sort of obstacle for Arondight. So we leapt into the bushes as we had done so many time before and came out on the other side, only to see that purple-eyed rider again.

The End

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