Riding, She Said ~ Kale's Side

The two stopped and the rider twisted her head ever so slightly to glare at me. I stared right back at her, expecting her to answer me. However, after a minute of silence passed, she had not said a word, so I asked her the first thing that came to me, "Can I ask what you're doing here?"

Amazingly, she spoke, "You can."

And so we waited in silence again, until I figured out that she really wasn't going to answer me until I actually I asked her the same question again, "Okay, what are you doing here?"

She looked down at her hands for a moment, as if to think about what sort of answer she should give me before telling me the obvious, "Riding."

Then, before I could even react, she turned her head back around and the two of them sped off into the woods.

"Hey!" I called out, but she was long gone.

The End

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