Stone Feather Pendant ~ Kale's Side

I stared at my pendant. It was a pendant of a stone feather, one that was given to me by my sister for my birthday before her passing.

"Kale," she had said, "hopefully this will inspire you to spread your wings and fly."

I smiled a bit at the memory of my sister saying another one of her cliché line, and how sincere she was when she had said it.

All the sudden, Arondight, my horse, started pacing back and forth. I got up from the tree that I was leaning on and stroked his mane. "What is it?"

Arondight pointed his nose at the direction of the trail that we had gone off on, indicating that something was there. Deciding to investigate, I stroke his mane again and said "Stay here."

I walked out of the woods and onto the dirt path, and that was when I saw a girl riding her horse. Well, she wasn't really riding at the moment, she seemed be frozen, except for her eyes, which were darting around, as if searching for something.

Finally, her eyes fell onto me.

She quickly turned her eyes away from me, but then peeked at me out of the corner of her eyes. What was she doing? Was she sizing me up? Was she scared?

Her horse jerked around nervously. Noticing this, the girl comforted the horse. Then, without acknowledging me, she gave the horse a kick and directed it back to where they came from, turning their backs on me.

I did not like that at all. There we were, two riders out in the woods, and she was going to leave without a word. Perhaps she was nervous about speaking to strangers? No matter, I decided, so I took control of the situation and started the conversation, "Hey."

The End

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