I glanced at my watch and blinked in disbelief. Well then. I stood up, shaking my head. From now on I need to set an alarm when I read. I peered into Windy's stall to see if he was ready for a ride. He noticed me draw near and shuffled to the door, nickering a greeting, as if I hadn't just been sitting right in front of him. I smiled and reached out a hand to rub his velvety nose. "Wanna go for a ride, buddy?" A dull thud could be heard as his hoof kicked the door firmly. "I'll be right back then." I said with a chuckle, turning my back on him to go to the tack room.

The delightfully smoky smell of leather surrounded me as I entered the road. Breathing in deep, I walked across the room to grab his bridle and bareback pad, as well as my helmet and boots. The stuff threatened to fall out of my arms so I walked quickly back to his stall. Upon arriving, I bent over slightly and just let go of everything, watching as it all fell into a jumbled pile. Windy snorted at the sound and poked his head over the door to look. 

I removed my converse and purple socks, replacing then with taller socks and my boots. and then tucked my jeggings into the dusty leather before zipping them up. I brushed my bangs out of my face and stuck my helmet on, leaving it unfastened for now. For the rest of my hair, I gathered it into a low ponytail at the base of my neck. Afterwards, I opened Windy's stall and started to tack him up. He shuffled his hooves restlessly, as eager for a ride as I was; he almost bolted out of the stall when I started to lead him out. "Hold up, bud," I said as I grabbed my phone and stuck it in the pocket on the right-hand side and then snapped the buckle on my helmet.

A breeze tousled my loose curls and ruffled Windy's mane as we walked outside. I led him over the the fence of the paddock and climbed the rails to get on his back, being too lazy to go and search for a mounting block. After settling myself comfortably, I asked for a walk and we headed into the nearby woods, both enjoying the autumn chill as the sun ducked in and out behind the cumulus clouds, almost having completed it's journey down to the ground. 

The End

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