Stable Time

A sense of relief washed over me, crisp and cool, like biting into an apple. Home. I quickly took in the little details that made this Victorian house so familiar:  the stone walls, the veranda wrapping around the front and right sides, the bay window on the second floor to the left, and, of course, my round turret stretching up from the ground. I smiled briefly before walking around the house to the back. An acre or so stretched out before me, mostly flat.

A whinny caught my attention and I lifted my head at the sound of hoofbeats. "Windy!" I called out to him and walked closer, holding out my hand for him to sniff. He leaned his head over the fence, glimmering his intelligent eyes at me as I rubbed his forehead and then worked my way down to his withers. "Good boy," I whispered to him. "You hungry yet?" His ears perked up and he nickered gently, causing me to smile. "Okay, okay."

I walked around the paddock to the barn, Windy following me intently. I opened the gate and he walked calmly into his stall across the aisle way. What a well trained horse. "Good boy," I crooned as I closed the door and latched it before walking to get his feed. It didn't take long before he had finished eating. Rain poked her nose out of her stall and gave a shrill whinny. "Hey! What about me?" I laughed and got her feed as well. I guess mom hasn't gotten back home yet. A quick glance at my watch caused a flicker of concern. 6:00... I tucked that in the back of my mind to wonder about later.

I grabbed the book I was currently reading from my bag and started watching the clock. I wanted to give Windy some time to digest before riding. I chose a seat on the straw bale right in front of his stall, giving me the soundtrack of low horsey snuffles and quiet shuffling of hooves. I leaned back against the stall, content and soon lost in my book.

The End

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