Something in the Silence

Just a simple, time-old story of two people finding themselves together.

The water looked inviting as I cast a glance across the gently rippling waves. The wind tousled my unruly locks and I reached up a hand to hold the fringe out of my eyes. I stood there for a few moments, just staring, silent and still. And then I stirred, shaking my head and walking away, back to the water. What was I doing? I grasped for an answer, a reason for my actions but everything was just out of reach.

Any attempts at discovery completely fled my mind as I suddenly found myself staring right into a solid wall of flesh. I blinked blankly, processing this, before looking upward. Curious eyes stared back at me with a hint of amusement glimmering in them. Indignant I stared right back at him, one hand on my hip. Silence slowly stretched between us, growing quickly uncomfortable.

With a quick roll of my eyes, I walked right past with no curiosity what so ever, strangely enough. Or, rather, not so strangely enough. That seemed to be normal for me; one could say that I am a bit different from the rest. How so? I haven't quite figured that out yet.

I felt eyes on my back and my skin crawled. He was staring at me; I could feel it. I shuddered and continued walking at the same pace as before, relaxed yet spritely. Even as I rounded the corner, the feeling didn't stop. I tried to look indiscreetly from the corner of my eye, but couldn't see anything. A small tremor of panic crawled up my spine, slow and languorous. I took a deep breath and forced the fear away. It's just the paranoia, nothing else.

Just for good measure, I risked a quick glance over my shoulder. There a shimmer, just a flicker. The fear returned, almost choking me with it's intensity. It couldn't be that guy right? No one just awkwardly follows someone they just met... right? I shook my head and pressed on homeward bound, almost doubling my pace. Whatever it was I really didn't have time to worry about it; I had more pressing needs, like feeding my horse for example. Surely he would be getting hungry right about now.

The End

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