The Final Darkness

How I returned to reality from that wicked place I shall never know, but I did. I darted through the streets as swiftly as I could. The city was in chaos, it still is. People run in terror screaming from things they cannot see. What it is that invaded this place I cannot tell but I know it had something to do with her.

Buildings collapsed, smoke rose to the sky, endless noise of sirens and screams assaulted my ears. I barely dared to stop and look back; My head was fixed forward, as if the lord was destroying the city of Sodom behind me. Everything was falling apart. Order had died, turning the city into a pit of crawling chaos and madness in my absense. What have I done?

It took ten minutes of running to reach my home. Buildings were tumbling and burning around me, the streets cracked and the sun hid in terror behind thick clouds of ash. The city was consumed by darkness, fire and death and is now reborn with the visage of hell.

I entered my room, barely daring to catch my breath I struggled with the lock. Something was chasing me up the stairs I could feel it. It was unseen, but definitly there.

I turned to see a crow and two doves, sat on my window sill, utterly calm and staring at me intently. I panicked and waved them away. Nyarthlutath's spies, her minions. They were coming for me.

Now colour seeps under my floorboards , the door cracks as some unnamed horror crashes against it. I look out the window, fifty stories below my doom, or salvation awaits. Jump and die, or let those things do what they will with me and my soul. The damp spot on my wall cracks as some inhuman hand peels through. My God, the demons are coming I have no time!



The End

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