I awakened in the streets of my home town, far from my disgusting flat. I was laying on the street clutching the harp. People were rushing to and fro, barely noticing me as I unplastered my back from the filth ridden streets. There was smoke in the air and sirens in the background but I took no heed.

I sat upright, people had begun to gather round me. I know not why, perhaps they saw the harp and knew that I would play for them. I had made a promise, I promised to play the harp, you can't break a promise. So play the harp I did.

As before the colour seeped out of the harp and began to wrap the spectators in its warm embrace. The clouds in the sky seemed to dance happily in the sky to the joyous music and the city was happy.

When I stopped playing the colour dissapeared and the darkness returned. Nearly a hundred people were suspended in the darkness with me, confused, dazed and most were scared. Then the whispers began, a shape began to form in the darkness, the impossible shape. Every time I try to remember its form my mind cracks a little more, for its aspect was incomprehendable.

It laughed at the people, before taking in a deep, I guess we would call it a breath. Screams, screams unnumbered screams! All of them, their souls, their bodies, their minds removed from their clothes and absorbed by the great dark goddess Nyarthlutath.

"Now my dreamer." The impossible sounds the thing was making twisted into hideous, evil words in my head. I screamed as she spoke. "Take the harp and play again, it is my birthday. To return to my world I must have more souls."

"Why me, why did you choose me." I cried, my voice cracked and broke as I sobbed in miserable terror.

"Why choose you? I didn't, you chose the harp. When your subconscious entered my realm of dreams you begged me for something new. You begged me for the Harp!"

My subconscious? My failed life as a writer, as a dreamer, had made me vulnerable to this creatures advances. I had doome myself and the world, I knew this to be true. The creature. Is coming!

"I won't do this! I won't be your slave!" I screamed. The dark thing cackled.

"Its too late. I have won!"

I turned and began to run, I ran and ran. Every time I looked back, she was there. Her dark eyes piercing my very soul, it felt like she was trying to take it out. Was my body even my own? Is it now?

As I ran my vision began to fade, the darkness crept over my vision. An endless night in a sea of madness.

The End

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