Something in the dark...

Jake and his team must try and survive in a hellish future, but something is waiting in the darkness...

     It was night, but nobody could sleep. Everyone was afraid: Afraid that the predators would come back through the time hole. Jake was sitting on the edge of the three story building, his legs swinging out through the spot that a large window would have covered. Now it was just an empty area in the bricks. He was pondering on what had happened in the last few days: the time hole opening, the predators flooding through; the whole of Scotland overtaken in just a few days, and it all terrified him. But the most terrifying experience for him had been earlier that day, when he was almost killed by a predator. He was ashamed of himself. Jake had stood up against the militaries of earth, rouge aliens, monsters: Entire planets had been taken down by him. Yet a single predator with no technology, no weapons, had almost killed him. He felt he couldn’t face his friends as he believed they were also ashamed of him.

     His friends looked to him to help them. To guide them out of this mess. To get them back home to the twenty first century from this god forsaken time zone. Jake was Commander, the Superhero. He could create and control electricity. He could use a strange artifact, known only as “The Crystal” to time-travel and manipulate time, but with great risks. The crystal contained part of his soul. He got the memories from all of his past lives from the crystal. He had managed to use the crystal to heal his body after the predator attacked him.

     Only a sixteen year old, he had large muscles and lots of scars. His clothes were ripped and blood soaked. He was currently wearing Dale's jumper as his top was ripped to shreds by the predator. His blue jeans were ripped and now dyed red from his blood.

     There were ten of them in this dark, dusty, ruined building. Jake, Scott, Jack, Dale, Steve and five troops. The troops were genetically created clones, made from DNA of many people to interpret all the necessary skills needed in an army. They always obeyed orders and had no feelings.


Jake sensed somebody behind him and turned to see Jack.

“Jake, are you sure you’re alright?” Jack asked.

“Of course I'm alright. Why wouldn’t I be?” he lied, not wanting to show how vulnerable he felt at the moment.

“Well let’s see, first you had been terrorised back home by the predators. Then you were attacked at Stirling castle and the last we heard your girlfriend and your best friend were in a critical state back on the ship. Today you were ripped apart. Nobody can go through all that and be alright”

“Yeah, well I'm not a normal person am I? I'm Commander. And I don’t feel anything. Ok? So just don’t start,” Jack just looked at Jake whose breathing was slowing down.

“Jake, you don’t have to be hard against the world all the time. We’re not ashamed of you or disappointed in you. These predators are like nothing we've seen before.”

“What did you find on the computer before those mantis things attacked us?” Jake asked quickly, changing the subject away from himself.

“Well. I, eh, I found that the-“A smash was heard from down stairs. Jack looked at Jake. Jake found everyone looking at him. His breathing was short and shallow as fear took its grip on him. He could feel the sweat beginning to form on his head from the thought of those creatures. He grabbed his machine gun, nodded to his friends and troops and pointed at the stairs.

    It was almost completely dark in the building; no power or electricity left in the city. Not for many years now. This future, by the looks of it, would be one without humans. Predators seemed to have killed everyone. They are strong and extremely quick with chameleon stealth abilities. They can blend in with every environment and-from observation- can climb on any surface. They can be completely silent, thy perfect predator.

     Jake was taking the ground floor with two of the troops. They split up, searching for the culprit of the smashing. It was possible that it was just weak glass falling from its frame, but Jake had a gut feeling that it wasn’t. Jake came to another door, opened it slightly. He peered round. He saw shapes in the dark room. He held his gun tightly and edged through the door, struggling to keep his teeth from chattering from fear.

     He was terrified. He could make out the shapes of wires hanging from the ceiling, a large broken cylinder in the middle of the room. There were other shapes that he couldn’t make out but spotted some moonlight on the ground about fifty metres away. He began to turn away before realising that the light was coming through from a door that was at the end of the corridor, which he had closed at both ends.

     Something had gotten in.

     Jake edged across the room, checking every shadow. He looked through it into the gloomy dark corridor. He couldn’t see any predators, but suddenly there was the sound of paws on the cold concrete floor behind him. Jake froze hoping it was his imagination. Then he heard panting. His heart began beating like a drum. He raised his weapon and started counting to three. One. Two. Then he stopped. Wait a second, he thought to himself, the predators don’t have paws!

     He was half relieved that it wasn't a predator, but still kept his gun raised to deal with the new threat. He took a deep breath and swirled round preparing to fire his weapon. He stopped when he saw what looked like a dog. The dog padded closer to Jake. Then it jumped up on him and started licking his face. Jake fell backwards, the dog on top of him.

“Oh, aren’t you a good boy?” he said to the dog in a silly voice, all fear momentarily forgotten. He laughed, something he never thought he would be able to do again.

     The dog was slightly bigger than a normal Black Labrador. It had sharper claws than normal dogs, and extra teeth as well. A mutant. In this world of death and violence Jake was surprised to find an animal that still wanted to play. And with humans, who have been missing for a hundred years by the looks of things. Perhaps it’s still in their genes, that loyalty toward human beings. Jake got up and looked around the room and started walking back towards the stairs to inform his team of what had caused the smashing. Then he stopped in his tracks, his breath caught in his throat.

     It was quiet. He looked back to see the dog, but it was gone. He raised his weapon again, hoping that the dog was just playing, but he didn’t believe it, not for one second.

     There was a very quiet noise, like gurgling mixed with hissing, coming from somewhere above. Jake looked up but it was too dark to see anything. He stretched out his hand and it was suddenly surrounded by bright blue strands of electricity, lighting up a small section of the room. He directed his hand towards the ceiling and saw wires flapping around, but no creature. No dog either. He stopped the electricity and ran down the corridor, fear taking control, towards the stair case, but stopped half way and started walking when he saw his friends so they wouldn't see how afraid he was. He had to keep morale up after all. Or was he just too afraid to go back in there?

“Did any of you find anything?” Jake asked when he got to them, sweat and saliva covering his face and jumper, his eyes darting around wildly, checking every dark space.

“Nothing on the other floors. What about you though, you look like you’ve seen a ghost!” Steve joked.

“Ehm, yeah, I found a dog,” Jake told them. “But it vanished when I turned my back. I lit up the room and wires were swinging about, but it was probably just the dog” he told them, hoping none of them would want to go into the room to check it out.

“Yeah well we have to decide what we’re going to do now. Stay here or go back upstairs?” Dale enquired. Everyone looked at Jake for the answer, and he pretended to think about it, even though he had made up his mind before he spoke to them.

“Let’s get back upstairs,” he said after a minute and they all turned and headed back up the stairs. But Jake couldn't help look back into the dark corridor behind him. Something just didn’t feel right, like he could see something, but couldn’t see it. He dismissed it and went to walk back up the stairs.

     He felt a chill behind him, then two sets of sharps claws dug into his shoulders and he was dragged into the darkness...


The End

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