Ch. 7.5Mature

I managed to get about 3 hours of deep, dreamless sleep before waking up to a stick in my eye.

"Ahh!" I sit up, swatting at my face before finding the little twig in my hair. Probably still there from falling in the woods. I rub my eye, only just realizing how filthy I must be. My clothes are still a damp, and smell a bit mildew-y, and my hair, evidently, still has some foliage in it. I'd been so caught up in my own curiosity, I hadn't even realized.

I stand up, flinging off my blankets and look in the mirror hanging on the wall. Well... What did I expect? I look like someone who fell in a bush then stayed up all night in the rain. Meh.

I take a deep breath, stretching out the last of my sluggishness. Grabbing some clean clothes, I dart across the hallway to the bathroom, dodging a random tree on my way. This one is silvery, with an owl sitting in the branches. Cool, I love owls.

One long, random song filled shower later, I feel a thousand times better. Yeah, I sing in the shower, who doesn't? My parents don't mind, and although Oliver finds it annoying, isn't it my job to bother him?

I go downstairs, wrapped in clean clothes with my thick, elbow length hair tied into a knot. In my own little world, as usual, I walk right past the living room and into the kitchen. I grab some left-overs from the fridge.

"Morning Oliver." The 12 year old is sitting at the kitchen table, doing homework.

"Hi Holly," He says without looking up. As I'm turning back around, I hear someone clear their throat. Oliver isn't alone at the table.

The boy sitting across from him looks as uncomfortable as I am surprised. The only thing I can think about is that someone else heard me singing in the shower, which is horrifying enough before realizing that I recognize him. Tall, broad figure, with dark hair and blue eyes.

Oliver looks up, noticing the tension, but not the reason why. "Oh, sorry. Holly, this is Levi. He's been helping me out with homework for a while. Levi, this is my sister Holly." He looks confused when introductions don't help. "Alright then..." He goes back to his homework.

The End

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