Ch. 6.5Mature

The night is pitch black, the only light is the flashes of lightning. Rain pours down, cooling my head and making me remember how tired I was just a few hours ago. Arguing wont get either of us anywhere. 

Quasar looks just as worn out as me. "Sometimes I think recklessness is your personal motto."

I raise my hands, pleading guilty. "I know, I'm sorry. I should have listened more carefully and I shouldn't have worried you. Though, I do have to say, it is very hard to understand you when you're being so cryptic." I sit down, not bothering to worry about my already damp clothes and trying to ignore the glare Quasar gives me. "So, anyway, why didn't it work? I could see it in my head perfectly."

He, too, settles down, crouching like a cat. "There is a big difference between looking through a window, and trying to unlock a door. You tried to amplify what you could see, but didn't bother going through the Void."

I guess that explains why it shattered... "So, I really just missed a step?" The thunder has passed, though the rain is still going strong. It must almost  morning by now.

"Yes, I suppose it cold be described that way. Trying to enter through your visions was foolish, you may as well have tried climbing through a telescope." Quasar stands up, stretching his legs and arching his back. When he opens his eyes, they sparkle and gleam with the usual light. "So, since we're already up here, shall we get started?" 

The rain is finally beginning to settle, and a few gold stars can be seen through the parting clouds.

The End

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