Ch. 6Mature

1:53 am. 

Its stated to rain, big drops of water falling from the clouds and slapping the pavement. Outside is better, I don't know what will happen, and the roof has always been a safe place for me. Climbing out was a little tricky, but I've been up here on rainy days before. 

I stand in between two of the peaks, my bare feet submerged in the gathering water. I'm already soaked, my clothes clinging to my skin and my hair sticking to my neck and shoulders. I love it, always have.

Closing my eyes, I relax my muscles and clear my mind, remembering what it felt like wandering in the field. What was I thinking about... 

A snowy mountain pops into my head. Stiria? I focus on it, filling my mind with the scenery. I can almost feel the ice under my feet. Stepping forward, I reach out with my mind. My heart races, snow brushes my fingertips, and the air grows cooler.

But the image shatters, scattering in my mind like bits of broken glass. I drag myself back to my surroundings just in time to slip on the wet shingles, landing on my ass in a puddle.

"Ow..." I stand up, rubbing my tailbone."I could have sworn I had it." It was there, really there. The picture in my mind was clearer than I had ever seen before. I almost felt it. 

"Yes. I'm sure you were very close." Quasar's voice comes from behind me, low and rumbling. I turn around slowly, feeling his anger. I meet his eyes, shying away from his burning gaze. Oh, shit... I've never seen him angry like this...

"What the hell do you think you're doing?! Did you perhaps miss the part about the possibility of madness?" He growls, extending his claws and arching his back. 

"Sure I heard, it was hard not to. But I've already been in the Void, haven't I? I was fine then, besides, I need answers and sitting around here isn't going to get me any!" I have to shout to be heard above the storm. My frustration about the whole situation turning into anger at Quasar, but also at myself. I hate not knowing, and right now, the only thing I can do is assume.  

The End

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