Ch. 5 HollyMature

By the time I get over the fence, the moon is hovering above the treetops, casting a pale light on the road. Coming up the sidewalk, I can see Oliver's silhouette in the doorway. I don't even need to see his face to tell that he was worried, and is now trying to hide it with annoyance.

I raise my hands in surrender, not in the mood for a lecture. My head is pounding, and I'm dragging my feet. "I know, I know. I'm sorry I was out so late, it wont happen again."

"How many times have I heard that?" He steps through the doorway, walking towards the kitchen. "Dinner is on the table, you'd better hurry up."

"Actually, I'm not really that hungry. Could someone bring something up to my room later? I'm exhausted." Tugging at my hair, I turn and walk up the short flight of stairs to my room, a small attic like area above the crawl space, only slightly raised above the rest of the house. 

Oliver gives a worried look, but doesn't pressure me. "Alright then. Hope you feel better."

After falling onto my bed, still fully clothed, I let the events of the day wash over me. I had been forcing back my imagination ever since I ran into Levi, not thinking about any of what Quasar had said in an attempt to not run into anything. No wonder my head is pounding.

Now his words flood every space in my mind. Until now. I wish I could deny it, convince myself that he meant something else, but I can't.

He meant me. 


The End

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