Ch. 4Mature

"Well, until now." Quasar stands up, stretches, and turns around. "I think that's enough for today." He says, ignoring my protests. He unfolds his dark, bat like wings and jumps off the branch, disappearing as soon as his claws leave the bark. Leaving me sitting here, sputtering and speechless from his last comment, 'Well, until now.' 

The words swirl around in my head. 'Until now.' As much as I want to pass it off as something else, there really is no other explanation.

Well, whatever. The time to be skeptical would be now, I suppose. I look up at the sky, the light fading as the sun starts to set... Time to go home, I don't want Oliver to worry. 

I let out a loud, overly dramatic sigh and begin climbing back down to the river bank. My hands and feet move by themselves, my mind too busy to pay much attention. The forest slowly gets darker, the trees throwing shadows through the orange light. I walk on like this for a while, going in the general direction of my neighborhood. I'm so preoccupied that I don't even realize I've fallen until I get a face-full of leaves and twigs.

"Damn it! What the fu-?" My words falter as I flip onto my side to see what I tripped over. Or, more accurately, who I tripped over.


The End

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