Ch. 3.5Mature

"Break... So why didn't I go mad? Why didn't my mind break?" I'm sitting astride on the branch, my feet dangling above a now forgotten river, giving Quasar my full attention.

"A dragon can travel though the Void and into any of the three worlds at will, though we don't usually make a habit of it. Even right now, I'm only partly in this world. If I were here fully, I would probably break this tree, sending us both into the river." He looks down and smiles, as if thought amuses him.


"So...?" He looks back at me, raising a scaly eyebrow. Well, if dragons had eyebrows, I'm sure he would be raising it.

"So, what's your point? Why was I able to see the Void? How did I not go mad?" I'm tired of his dancing around, but that's what he always does when faced with questions. It's always riddles with Quasar. If I remember correctly, I might have once called him a poet, in a failed attempt to insult him. 

He throws me an accusing look. "I'm getting to that, now hush," I roll my eyes, but keep quiet as he continues. "The dragons have always been able to do this, staying neutral and simply watching. If needed, a dragon can give this ability to a person.

"For a while, this is what dragons did. Choosing someone from one of the three worlds to success the last one after they had lived their life. These people were able to keep balance, maintaining connections across the Void.

"Peace held for longer than most dragons had hoped, though of course, it could not last forever. Tension between Hyalus and Stiria built up,  and in order to stop them from destroying each other, we had to close the bridge that had been built up between them. The person burdened with keeping balance at the time never had a successor, and in time, they were forgotten. Just a myth."

The End

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