Ch. 3Mature

I might have laughed it off, if not for the seriousness in Quasar's eyes. I try to speak, but my throat catches, because as impossible as it is... it almost makes sense.

I turn away from the dragon, closing my eyes and covering my face with my hands. I kick myself for nearly believing that my imaginary world might actually be real. How could it? I see impossible things everyday, things that no one else can see. I've been told over and over, that it's just my imagination. It's all in my head, it's not real, focus on the world around you. Therapist after therapist... session after session, each prescribing something different to help with my 'hallucinations'. Was it all a lie?!

I take a deep breath and turn back to my oldest friend, looking him right in the eye. "Explain. Now. What do you mean?"

"Exactly what it sounds like. I am not part of your imagination. Nor is anything else you've dreamed up. To say that it's real would be a bit of a stretch, in this world at least. But you said so your self, didn't you? 'There are probably whole other worlds out there where the skies look all sorts of different colors.' Why would the color of the sky be the only different thing?"

Again, I get the feeling of clarity. I know nothing about the worlds I see in my mind's eye, so how could I have possibly come up with them. But, other worlds? Real, physical places that actually exist? Places only I can see. Blargh. This is just making my head hurt.

"Okay, so, assuming you're right..." I can't even come up with a single question, there are just too many. Why am I the only one able to see them? Where are they? Are there people living in these worlds? Or is my mind just playing tricks with me? "No. You need to talk. That was not an adequate explanation. You tell me something I can believe, or I start taking the pills again to block you out. I do not want to do that, but I will if I have to." I'm on the verge of a panic attack. I only take the pills prescribed to me by the latest psychiatrist on a need-to basis. They make my head cloudy, and I can't see my imaginary worlds. I hate it.

"Fine. There are three worlds, including Earth, in our corner of the universe, set on three separate planes. Hyalus is a world of metal and glass, and Stiria is covered with ice and snow. Dragons, like myself, occupy the space in between. The Void. It's not a place that can be inhabited by humans. Many people have gone mad trying to travel through it. The blizzard you were caught in was actually a projection the Void itself. You were lucky enough to survive even a small glance into it. It saw you as an intruder, and swarmed like white blood cells attacking a virus." Throughout his explanation,Quasar kept a blank expression, like he was telling me how to find a book in the library.

"You talk about this void as if it's... alive." My curiosity overcomes my skepticism, the whole concept is too interesting. I can be skeptical later. What he said about the other two worlds, Hyalus and Stiria, makes too much sense when compared to the two sides of my imagination. 

Quasar looks up at the sky, deep in though. "I suppose it could be thought of that way. It's not something that can really be described as one thing. It takes the form of whatever you want it to be. If one's mind is not strong enough, it will break."




The End

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