Ch. 2Mature

I lie in bed, staring up at my ceiling for who knows how long, thinking about this new sky. I had never really considered that the sky might be different colors in my Imaginary world. Could be new, but then why did I dream about it? It isn't until I hear a knock on my door that finally I sit up. It's past noon.  

Just before my dad walks in, I grab a random book of the shelf, open it to a random page, and pretend to be reading it. My parents will sometimes get worried if I'm stuck in my imaginary world for too long, so I'll usually disguise my long, unresponsive hours as being absorbed in a book. As expected, after seeing that I'm not talking to invisible creatures(or dead), my dad waves apologetically and closes the door. 

I've become and expert at avoiding worried parents, if I do say so myself.

I toss the book onto the floor and stand up, working the stiffness out of my joints. My room feels too small again. Throwing some clothes on, I grab my backpack and bound out of my room, jumping the short flight of stairs and almost running into my dad.  He snorts in surprise and jumps out of my way, spilling coffee all down his front.

"Hi, dad!" I spin around him and continue through the hall.

My dad coughs, regains his balance, and attempts to call me back. I'm already out the door when I hear him say, "Yeah, I can definitely see the cat thing..." My mom laughs from the kitchen. Oliver groans from his room.

I smile to myself as I jog down the sidewalk, heading for the edge of the neighborhood where I can get some peace. The day has warmed up a bit, the sun shines through the brand new leaves on the trees and makes my strange white hair glow. I could have sworn I saw a rainbow. Reaching the end of the road, I follow a small trail and jump the wire fence, finding myself in a wide field leading up to a wall of oak trees. I close my eyes and step forward, allowing my feet to automatically follow the familiar path. 

I'm about halfway across the plane when the wind picks up, whipping my hair into my face. The cold startles me, and I start running for the trees, eyes still closed. I pick up speed as the wind grows stronger, head bowed with my arms in front of my face, thinking I'll reach the forest soon, hoping to get out of the now bitterly cold air... But I never reach it.

I finally open my eyes, praying to see that the wind had turned me around, but I see nothing. The wind is roaring, and the air is filled with snow. I'm suddenly in the middle of a blizzard. I turn on the spot, trying to see something, anything, that can tell me which way I should go, but it's hopeless. My feet are stuck in the ice, the snow is blinding and the wind is like a swarm of bees.

And I can't figure out if it's real or not...

The End

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