Ch. 1.5Mature

I lie on the roof long after Quasar disappears, watching the clouds drift along the sky and the frost evaporate from the grass. Finally, I scuttle back into my room, shutting the window behind me. I turn around, expecting my room to be empty, but instead find it  occupied by a 12 year old boy. I shouldn't be surprised.

"Why are you climbing in through your window?" Oliver, my little brother, looks at me accusingly through his thick glasses, trying to look serious in his train P.J.s. Of course he knows I was on the roof, I spent most of my adolescent years up there, which my tiny yet sophisticated brother disapproved of greatly. 

I look at him and sincerely answer, "'Because if I was going out the window, I would be going the wrong way.'" I greatly enjoy being able to quote this, because Oliver was the one who got me into Doctor Who. I can't help but grin at the glare he gives me.

"Holly, come on! What would I do if you fell? What would you do?!" Now he looks scared as well as angry, shaking his hands at me. My grin slides away as I suddenly feel guilty. Oliver has that effect on people, like a puppy with huge, light blue eyes magnified through his glasses.

I walk up to him, easily sling him over my shoulder, and stroll out of my room with him sputtering and flailing about.

"I should feel insulted," I say, trying to keep my voice light. "Don't you trust me enough to not fall off by now? Really, you worry too much." I go into his room across the hall and dump him unceremoniously onto his bed. "I'll make you a deal, okay? If you stay out of my room, I won't fall off the roof, got it?" I lean over him and stare into his blue eyes with my green ones. We glare at each other for a while before he glances away, mumbling something about weird older sisters.

"Fine, but if I see you out there again, I'm telling mom." He jumps off his bed and starts pushing me towards the door. "And you have to stay out of my room, too." 

Oliver slams his door behind me while I stand there in the hallway. I probably should be more careful. It's not like he has no reason to worry, but I still see no danger of going up on the roof. My mom once said my biological parents must have been cats. Dad laughs and says I simply defy gravity. I've always been the oddest of our odd little family. Oliver and I were adopted, so no one in our house is actually blood related. 

I shake my head and go back to my room, falling face first into my bed. Looking up, I find metallic sparrows flying around my room, and resting on bronze trees with green glass leaves. The air shimmers, and the shining metal shifts to an icy white, where foxes with fur like snow make their way around sparkling white pine trees. This is my Imaginary world; sometimes it's snow and ice, others it's metal and glass. For a moment, it stabilizes in the metal world. I notice that my ceiling is now a vast, light purple sky. 

The End

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